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02/25/2004: "coming soon: better look, more stuff!"

As you might know by now, is undergoing internal restructuring. (What's that mean? Sounds like a colostomy to me.) Thus, my usual place for spouting daily ponderings has evaporated. Thus, this is now my one and only forum, and I'm going to use it.

First, I'm going to update the look. This is pretty much out-of-the-box Greymatter, and I know it sucks. It's bland. I'm guessing it's supposed to be functional yet so bland that you absolutely need to revise it... and I'm going to. Just bare with me and it'll happen eventually.

In the meantime, I'm going to start posting stuff here whenever I feel the urge to write. I'll still keep my regular NFT articles coming every Monday, but you can look forward to a few other tidbits throughout the week now too! Almost makes me wish I had an RSS feed, but that's something to consider AFTER I get the look updated.

So sit back, and... well, wait. I'm trying to learn cascading style sheets so I can do this right, and not absolutely butcher the site. The writing will happen, but the look might take a while. So please, be patient.

I'm also going to try allowing karma voting and comments on a trial basis. If anything gets out of hand, this will go back to being a non-interactive site. If you really want to tell me something, you can always use

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on Wednesday, February 25th, Hat Daddy said

This is a test comment, but I suppose I should, you know, say something useful.

oh, I know...


on Wednesday, February 25th, mr.ska said

[fumbling] Now where's that taser? Ah, here it is.

[singsong voice] Oh Hat Daddy, where aaaaaare youuuuuu?



on Wednesday, February 25th, Hat Daddy said

Behind you!

(*blam, blam blam*)


Ah, _Rise of the Triad_ brings back the memories...

on Wednesday, February 25th, xhead said

Hey, I'm more interested in the actual words and the RSS feed than the CSS. But you already knew that.

And where is the karma mod stuff? How much can I troll before you tilt me? :cry:
:D :laugh:

All this and smileys too!

on Wednesday, February 25th, xhead said

Ok, maybe no smileys.

on Thursday, February 26th, mr.ska said

Hmm, good questions. No karma, no smileys. I'll check my settings and see if I've disabled them all.

Sorry, no RSS feed as of yet. Apparently there's a way to get Greymatter to do one, but I'd like to get this place looking better first! Perhaps you could help me with the RSS? ;)

on Thursday, February 26th, xhead said

I didn't know that Greymatter doesn't have RSS baked in. Here's what looks like a good article:

I am interested in Greymatter for my own personal webspace, but I don't think my ISP allows Perl use for personal accounts. RH, you interested in scoping out my ISP to help me confirm that?

Or at least finding a good web-based content publishing system that I and my wife can use?

on Wednesday, March 3rd, Adam Scriven said

I've setup my blog using Movable Type, not GreyMatter. Does anyone know the differences between them? I really like the expandability of MT, I can even re-interface my old site with it.

I'm not exactly happy about how I'm doing it right now, but it's a start and no information has been lost, which is nice. I'll be moving the old tenjin stuff over to the blog too, it's just a better way of doing it.

It would be nice if GreyMatter and MT had interoperability options, that way we could link to each others appropriate stories, and share comments and whatnot. Setup a basically, so it's not centralized on one site.


on Wednesday, March 3rd, Adam Scriven said


I completely forgot to say that I think this is a great way for you do do NFT, mr.ska. That way you have total control, and we all know where to go to hear your most recent musings. Good job!

It seems that smileys are available, but not necessarily working. Oh well, no biggie.

on Monday, March 8th, mr.ska said

Well, karma voting just doesn't seem to be working. Nor are smilies. I can't say I'm disapointed either way. :)

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