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03/16/2004: "excuse the colours"

I'm finally getting around to messing around with the layout and design of this site. I've read through CSS1, and have a decent understanding of it, but I still like learning by doing rather than just through theory alone. Thus, if you come to read NFT at some point and are assaulted by a ghastly colour scheme, or spectacularly bad fonts, please know that it's just me playing around, learning, trying to make this a bit more interesting and helpful visually.

What I'd like to be able to do is get some visual definition for each entry, and between comments as well. Right now there's just a lot of white, and a lot of little text, which isn't the best for reading. Eventually I'll play with fonts too, but right now I'm in colour mode. That will change soon, I'm sure.

While I'm at it, I wanted to note this: Cuban proctologist. It's what I've determined I could call someone if they're chronically blowing smoke up my ass. Maybe a better one would be "Marlboro proctologist"... except "Marlboro" is hard to say. Hmm... suggestions?

Suggestions on the site layout and colours would be well-received as well.

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on Tuesday, March 16th, Hat Daddy said

mmm.... cellular peptide cake.... with pink mint frosting. Yummy.

on Tuesday, March 16th, xhead said

Tag him and kill him!

on Wednesday, March 24th, xhead said

Ok, perhaps it is because I am using a browser from "an evil corporation" but...

On my browser, your stories show up at the top, centred, then below and to the left is the "Home/Archives" linkes and your email and favourite links, the calendar, search, and greymatter icons. It looks like you intended that to show up as a left column and the stories in a centre column, not one on top of each other. No?

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