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03/18/2004: "fun with unions"

My workplace is a unionized facility, under the CAW. I've worked in both unionized and non-unionized environments, and I must say I prefer the latter. I haven't ever had a problem with a unioin or a unionized employee, but recent events here at work just reinforce my view that unions just aren't a good thing anymore.

Just a few weeks ago, I noticed some papers floating around the lunchroom that said something to the effect of, "Say no to overtime until we get a contract!" I hadn't realized that their contract had expired, honestly. It's not like management keeps the office staff abreast of what's going on with the union. Denying overtime seemed like a sane sort of protest against working without a contract.

More recently, the union had a meeting for the unionized employees to vote on a strike mandate. I found out today that said mandate was approved by a whopping 96% of the workers. Yikes. No date is set at this point, but with some big orders coming in and being bid on, and with the shaky financial footing that the company has been on for the past 5+ years, a strike simply can't be a Good Thing(TM). Of course, that may be a bargaining chip in the union's favour.

This morning, the whole situation escalated a few notches. Overtime is still a contentious issue with the workers, and they really disapprove of anyone agreeing to work OT. So much so that some tires were reportedly slashed last night, in retribution for some workers agreeing to some overtime. So now there's a police cruiser parked outside (likely taking a report to see if any charges can be laid), and a security guard is now posted at the employee entrance. In my 10 months here, there has NEVER been a security guard anywhere on this property.

What fun. Slashed tires, cops, guards, and strikes, regardless of the fact that this company really needs to get its house in order and move forward with the business of becoming profitable. This would almost be fun to watch were I not actually working here.

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