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04/12/2004: "chasing the spring blahs away"

April is going on record as a crazy month. I quit one job, started another, had a long weekend, will be celebrating Easter on the 25th with my family, am gearing up for my daughter's 3rd birthday, and have started finishing my basement. Did I mention that I'm also leaving the country for 8 days in there too?

Yes, my wife, daughter, and I are off to sunny Mexico for just over a week. My parents decided that instead of buying everyone Christmas presents this past December, they would simply bring us all on one big family vacation again. So while Artic air masses continue to threaten a Canada desperate for spring, I'll be lounging around (as much as one can "lounge" with a 3-year-old in their care) at an all-inclusive resort just outside of Cancun. I can only hope that I don't pig out as much as I did on my honeymoon cruise. Oink.

As this trip spans a weekend, next week there will be no Not From Toronto next week. Unless I happen to have Internet access and a really bad sunburn that forces me to take cover during the light of day, I'm not going to be able to craft up my usual weekly essay. Instead, I invite you to look up "trepanation" and try to figure out exactly what the whole deal's really about. That should keep you busy, or at least scratching your head.

On the bright side, I'll have lots to talk about when I get back. Until then, please enjoy your week. I know I will.

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on Thursday, April 22nd, xhead said

So are you saying that some people would rather drill holes in their heads than do without NFT for a week?

BTW, it's now 10 days since you last posted. When are you coming back?

on Friday, April 23rd, Robert Hahn said

11 days now.

Andrew... where ARE you? Post something [intelligent] already!

on Monday, April 26th, xhead said

two full weeks now!

It's bad when the commenters are more prolific than the blogger.


on Monday, April 26th, Robert Hahn said

Actually, it's *SAD* when the commentors continue to comment in the face of no new material.

BTW, for the uninitiated, xhead and I are fans and friends of Ska, and we're using this forum to rib him a little. He's desperately in need of a snowbank, though... :)

on Monday, April 26th, xhead said

it's almost as if Ska had a "real life" or something.

(and what does that say for RH and I? hmmm)

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