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04/27/2004: "so much, so little"

Assuming that you still care at this point, you're probably wondering two things. First, where the heck is the article for this week, and second, why haven't I posted anything about my recent trip to Mexico? Please believe that I had an excellent time down on the Mayan Riviera, and that I do have stories to tell (not to mention pictures to show). Unfortunately, I'm finding that there is one obstacle getting in my way that is preventing me from writing about it all, and even interfering with my ability to send e-mail: my new job.

You'll recall that I started a new position on April 5th (the 2nd anniversary of getting fired and starting my 13-month unemployment stint). I've really eased into the job... my first week was a 4-day work week with the Friday being Good Friday, and the 2nd and 3rd weeks were both two days a piece, as my Mexican vacation started and ended mid-week. I have yet to work a full work week, but that will happen this week. As I've mentioned before, this job is great. Nay, excellent! I'm really loving it, and it's keeping me busier than any other job I've held previously.

And therein lies the problem. If you'll go through the archives here, you'll notice that pretty much all my posts were done over the course of the regular business day. That should tell you how thrilling my previous position was. My feature articles are typically composed at home over the course of an evening or two, but everything else was done at work.

Now that I've landed this position, I'm being kept quite busy and engaged. Busy is one thing, engaged is another. I'm actually enjoying being busy, and my creative energies are being put to good use here. Sadly, it's looking like that means that my creative energies aren't available to be used for prodigious amounts of writing. Essentially, all the effort I've previously put into Not From Toronto was creative energy that was simply not being used otherwise, and thus I spent it here, writing. Now that I've got a practical outlet for it (that happens to be my job), it's really looking like NFT might suffer the loss.

So, what am I saying? Well, I don't have an article for this week. The weekend was busy, and I'm still feeling like we're recovering from our trip, getting back into our regular routine. I'm not saying that I'm abandoning NFT, but I am saying that it's looking very unlikely that I'm going to be writing as much as I had been in the recent past, simply because I'm re-applying the effort previously put into this forum into my job. I'm still hoping to do my weekly feature article, but I fear that the other unscheduled tidbits won't be nearly as numerous anymore. We'll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, I'll try in earnest to get a few vacation pictures up for all to see. I've got a couple good shots of myself on the beach with my Playbeav shirt. Yes, gets represented in Mexico! I'll see if I can scan in the picture of the iguana on my head too. That's a good one.

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on Tuesday, April 27th, Kevin said

Can't wait to see that Playbeav shirt properly modeled. ;)

on Tuesday, April 27th, Walt Flanagans Dog said

Well it kinda sucks that your postings will be limited but good to hear that the new job is the reason and you are enjoying it....wish I could find the same because I still do ALL my posting from work.

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