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05/04/2004: "Playbeav in Mexico"

Despite some technological hurdles, I've finally managed to upload Playbeav in Mexico pictures!

A truly Canadian moment on a Mexican beach - a white pasty guy wearing his Tilley and his Playbeav shirt for the world to see!

There were plans on making this an even more Canadian picture by having a Tim Horton's travel mug in hand as well, but that didn't happen... and here's why.

I had been informed that the latest travel idea for Canadians is to buy a Tim Horton's travel mug when flying off to warm vacation destinations. Instead of keeping coffee warm, the idea is that you bring your travel mug to the bar with you, and it'll keep your beer, margarita, pina colada, or what have you cold in the steamy tropical heat. This sounded like a good enough idea to me (and a great addition to the above photots) so I figured we'd do it.

The previous night that we were to fly out, we stopped at a service station for dinner. There was a Tim's there, so I figured I would be able to buy my mugs there and I'd be all set. Before we left home I made sure I left behind my watch, my wallet, and took only the essentials: credit card, passport, and Playbeav T-shirt. No cash. Turns out that Tim operates on a cash only basis. I know that they don't take debit, but this was the first time I'd tried to use a credit card. No dice - cash only. Huh?

OK, I can see not wanting to hold up your morning lineup of grumpy coffee addicts with one yahoo using a debit card for a $0.95 coffee. Regardless, we are swiftly moving out of the cash age and into the purely digital cash age, with debit cards being used way more than cash. I can't remember the last time I've actually had cash in my wallet - I use debit for pretty much everything. You would think that eventually Tim's would catch onto this, but apparently not. It doesn't seem to be hurting their business, being cash-only, but I still find it irksome.

In any case, turns out I didn't need the mugs. I drink way too quickly. Even the margaritas didn't last for any more than a few minutes!

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