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05/31/2004: "from the mouth of babes..."

My in-laws are visiting for a couple days. In preparation for their arrival, all the typical chores needed to be done: make the spare bed, clean the bathroom, vacuum the floor. On Sunday morning I took the latter task, and was vacuuming the entire upstairs.

It was quite sunny that day, and thus our house was comfortably warm. Lugging a vacuum around that's blowing out hot air made it warmer, and thus I opted to perform this particular chore without a shirt on. Naked vacuuming may be all the rage elsewhere, but with my body, and the number of windows putting me on display to the rest of the townhouses on my crescent, modesty prevailed.

At one point I went downstairs to get a drink. My wife and daughter were down there, my daughter having gone from wearing undewear and a shirt down to nothing but underwear. She stood in front of me, looked at my bare, hairy torso, looked at her near-bare body, and exclaimed, "Daddy and I are BOTH getting naked!"

Oh, if I could only implant a video recorder into my optic nerve...

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