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06/23/2004: "Fahrenheidt 9/11 - where?"

I like Michael Moore. Despite not being an Oscars fan, I somehow managed to catch his inflamatory acceptance speech last year, which only further fuelled my desire to see Bowling For Columbine, which I finally saw a couple of months ago. Having whet my appetite with said movie and perused his website,, I'm now really stoked to see his latest Cannes Golden Palm-winning filme Fahrenheidt 9/11.

There's only one problem... I can't find out where it's playing in Canada. Well, that's not entirely true... I know Galaxy Cinemas is showing it in Windsor, St. Catherines, and in two theatres in Ottawa. That's right, nothing in Toronto, nothing in my area... just those four places. WTF? As for Silver City/Famous Players, their website isn't showing any play dates past Thursday the 24th, so knowing whether they're showing F911 (as it's being called), which opens on Friday, June 25th, is impossible.

If anyone has any info about where it's playing in Ontario, please let me know!

And before you ask - yes, I *could* buy a paper on Friday and see where it's playing, but I'd like to make plans NOW. Getting out to a movie is a rare treat for me, so I'd like to make the most of it and know where I'm going and when.

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on Wednesday, June 23rd, xhead said

How about this?

on Thursday, June 24th, mr.ska said

Funny that will show info for next week, but won't. Very strange.

on Sunday, June 27th, Geekboy said

F911 is playing in Cineplex Odeon where I am. Can't wait to see it.

on Monday, June 28th, mr.ska said

Looking forward to seeing it tonight myself!

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