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11/24/2004: "options... sort of"

Well, it's now been a full week, and it's seemed like a month. So far, I've had no interviews, and very few bites. November-December is NOT the time to be unemployed, I fear. Of course, I still have a few options.

First, I do have a line on actual work that I'm qualified for, and that's even in my field. However, it's in Calgary. Second, I'm going on Friday to be screened/interviewed to see if I'm the kind of person that can successfully sell cars. Third, there's a miniscule chance that I might try my hand at the world of financial product sales.

Calgary is a great city. I lived there for 4 months back nearly 11 years ago during school, and loved every minute of it (that I wasn't working). It was a great city, and I'm sure I'd enjoy going back. Of course, it would now also mean uprooting my wife and kids, and pretty much seeing any of my family only once or twice a year. That would be harsh, as would be leaving all my friends. Still, the company sounds good, and it being related to the oil and gas industry, I can't imagine that the pay's too shabby either. In any case, all I can do is sit and wait to be called at this point.

Admit it - we've all considered selling cars, right? After all, knowing that there's $20k of profit in each SUV adds up to some serious coin. And living in a fairly affluent community (one of only 13 Mini dealerships, and one of only 5 Hummer dealerships - you figure it out) there's obviously a market for high-dollar cars. The thing is, am I the right personality? I found a posting on Workopolis (thanks to a friend of mine who was also considering it at one point) for a company that will train you for automotive sales, and has a placement rate of 99%. Of course, this training isn't free - it's $1500 - but if that means I can pull in and equal amount to what I used to make - let alone even more - it would be worth it. Friday I have an interview, and they'll determine whether I'm car sales material. I have a fear that I'm not - I'm too honest, not pushy enough. That will either be a relief, or a disappointment. We'll see.

You've heard of Amway, right? How about Avon? Mary Kay? Candlelight? Tupperware? Pampered Chef? What do all of these things have in common? They all sell to individuals, and are all multi-level marketing. (Contrary to what you might think, MLM (multi-level marketing) does not necessarily equal "pyramid scheme".) Well, I've been approached by the Amway of the financial world, World Financial Group. Essentially, I'd write an exam, get my license to sell financial products, and then offer investments, insurance, and even mortgages to people. Of course, the exams aren't free, and I have to undergo "training" that essentially takes away all my best contacts and gives them to my trainer. Oh, and I have to develop my own clientelle, too. Sounds even worse than car sales, right? Problem is, I know that this guy I'd be working with is legit, and I know that there is good potential in it all too. It all boils down to whether I can care enough about it to bother doing it, and whether I can be sales-ish enough to keep at it.

Some options, huh? Well, soon I'm going to be knocking on temp agency doors looking for manufacturing work, or labour work, or something like that. I find it incredibly hard to believe that someone like myself that graduated from THE top school for their profession is having as hard a time as I am finding work. It's almost worse the 2nd time around, because I'm expecting a repeat of the first time. I'm sorry, but I can't wait 13 months again. I'll be changing careers if that's the case.

All in all - I'm feeling pretty shitty about myself professionally, and thereby am open to just about any opportunity. If my wife would let me, I'd be out in the Pacific on a snow crab boat, getting my $50KUS in 2 months (assuming I survive). Argh.

The take-home lesson in all this? Money sucks. Fuckin' money. It's all YOUR fault, you know.

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on Wednesday, November 24th, mr.ska said

Oh, yeah... I forgot the other "opportunity" - someone saying that they made a lot of money doing sales for those grocery receipt tapes that have ads on the back. Ugh...

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