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12/09/2004: "here's the deal - so far"

For those of you that have been keenly awaiting more information, your time has come. I can definitively tell you that I won't be working at a GM dealer in Guelph, nor will I be working at a Ford dealer in Cambridge. At least, not at the moment... Something might change in the new year (if I'm still unemployed by then). I'm still working on other contacts at other dealers, and I'm really hoping something will come of that soon. I'd much prefer to sell a Japanese (or Korean) make, but I'll take whatever comes along at this point. Unemployment doesn't look as good as sales on a resume.

On the other hand, I've had two excellent interviews for engineering positions. Unfortunately, neither of them are close to home. One is in a much smaller community approximately 75 minutes from where I currently live. I've been told I'm their #1 pick thus far, but they have two other candidates to interview. Should I get that one, it'll likely mean a move, but not totally out of town. If we move closer to the 401 (the major corridor highway in Ontario, for those of you not from around here) I can shave off nearly 30 minutes right there, and we'd still be close to friends, family, church, etc. We'd just have to ditch our neighbourhood.

The other position, however, would be a full relocation, as it's in Calgary. (Hey, Kev!) I heard today that the company is quite enthusiastic about me, and they'd like to make a decision by tomorrow. I have no problem with that, except that they're making their decision based on my resume, and a 30 minute phone interview from yesterday. That's hardly enough information for anyone, let alone enough to make me up and move my family for this position. I've decided that if they come back with an offer, I'm going to mandate a one-week minimum trial employment period, where I can check them out, and they can test-drive me as well. If it's a fit, I guess I'll be packing my family and moving them to Calgary. The fit is really, really important - if I don't fit in there, then I've moved my family for a position I might not be at in another 2-5 years, and what's the point in that?

Meanwhile, I had an interview at another local dealership today that sounded promising. They are definitely looking to hire someone, and they prefer taking people with no previous auto sales experience. (They don't want to take someone that's already developed bad habits, they want people that can learn the correct habits right off.) Based on that, I'm quite qualified. The rest remains to be seen.

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