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12/15/2004: "bungee employee"

Scott Adams used the term "bungee boss" in one of his Dilbert strips to describe a boss that comes in suddenly, and leaves just as quickly. I am going to claim ownership of the term "bungee employee" right now, as it's about to apply to me.

The position in Calgary is getting well underway. Paperwork is being generated, and all is looking like I'll be out in beef country shortly into the New Year. Thus, if I'm going to respect the contract I signed just a day ago, I'm going to have to give 2 weeks notice of my resignation. That would mean this week. So tomorrow, I'm going to talk to the general manager, and resign.

I have no idea how he's going to react. I really didn't want this to happen, but it did, and I'm certainly not going to wait around a dealership hoping for a sale when I have a company begging me to come work for them for some very good money. Hmm, lessee... cars, little money, negative social standing, or do I go for a career move, good money, interesting town? Duh.

I'm kind of hoping that he'll just tell me not to worry about the two weeks, and to leave then. Then I'd have a couple of weeks to do Christmas visiting and packing, as opposed to trying to be energetic and make a couple of sales over the weeks bookending Christmas. I also don't know how this will affect my EI claims... I may ask him to lay me off indefinitely instead of having me quit. Truth be told, the dealership is VERY quiet, so it's entirely plausible. We'll see.

I'd kind of hoped to sell at least one vehicle before I left the business, but I've had an interesting time of it. I don't think buying a car will ever be the same for me again. Of course, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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on Wednesday, December 15th, Robert Hahn said

You said: "I don't think buying a car will ever be the same for me again."

I sure hope you write an article explaining that one - sounds interesting.

At any rate, it looks like congratulations are in order. :) I think. Given the chaos you're going through, I'm not sure when to time it... :)

on Thursday, December 16th, mr.ska said

An interesting read is this article. My experience wasn't nearly as in-depth, but I'll certainly attempt to document it at some point

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