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12/17/2004: "another day, another change"

It is now an official running joke with my wife and I (and some of our friends) that if someone hasn't been updated in the past couple of hours, they're out-of-date as to what's happening with my life now. Some don't know that I tried automotive sales, others don't yet know I've quit that, yet others don't know... well, you get the idea.

And of course, today is no different.

Today my daugher's preschool put on their Christmas pagent/play, which I was able to attend. One of the other little girls in her class we kind of know from church. Turns out, they too are moving to Calgary. The husband is driving himself out starting on Boxing Day (he's driving alone), and the wife and daughter will follow at the end of February. So of course we suddenly have a lot to talk about together.

Turns out that he knows a fairly extensive group of people in Calgary, including someone that is a landlord. They're going to ask on my behalf if there's a one-bedroom apartment available close to my prospective new workplace, which is very nice of them. And of course, as we've been attending the same church, we'll likely team up to do church hunting with them if/when we get out there.

Now, about that "if". I know from talking to the recruiter I've been dealing with that my Tillsonburg job will be decided one way or the other by Wednesday. They have one more interview to do on Monday, and will likely act very quickly after that. So while Calgary looms large, I'll either have a choice, or a lack of choice, by the middle of next week.

But wait, that's not all! There is also the job I applied to a couple of days ago - the one where the job description fit me to a T. Well, they called today. Instead of just asking for an interview, they gave me a quick phone interview and asked for my references. If that goes well (which I know it will), I'll likely have an interview sometime early next week. So, instead of having to choose between Calgary and Tillsonburg, another job (located about an hour away, diametrically opposed from Tillsonburg from here) may be thrown into the mix.

Adding to all the fun is the 90 pages of information and documentation that I was expecting to get from Calgary today, which would have included the contract papers for the first three months. It was all FedExed from Calgary yesterday, and was expected to arrive this morning at 10am at the local recruiter's office, at which point he'd call and then come deliver the information. Well, just before 3pm we get a message saying that the package hasn't arrived, they're not sure where it is, other than it's left Calgary. I still haven't heard at this point (4pm), which means I likely won't hear of it or see it until at least Monday. Everything seems to be converging on next week.

So - there you have it... so far. I could have as many as three options, but at the very least Calgary is open to me for 3 months. I'm thinking that a local option would be much better however, as it would simply be infinitely less disruptive to my life - and my family. All I would really have to do is buy a 2nd car, as opposed to not see my kids for 3 months, find a new house, find temporary accommodations for 3 months, etc., etc.

Just as another interesting tidbit, I e-mailed some Calgary hotels the other night, asking about monthly rates. Hey, I could do much worse than living in a hotel for 3 months, right? Well, one actually called me today. He said that although they don't have monthly rates, they will give "steeply discounted" daily rates. So for a business suite that normally goes for $150 a night, they'll give it to me for only $80, including high-speed internet, their pool and whirlpool, and breakfast. Uh, right... so I wouldn't be able to find any of that for $2400 a month elsewhere? Thanks, but no.

More updates as they come.

...and a happy 30th birthday to my wife! Love you, sweetie...

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on Friday, December 17th, mr.ska said

Addendum: The paperwork never made it. It's now due to arrive 10:30am on Monday. We'll see what happens.

Got an e-mail from another hotel. No real discount, just $109/night. Ha ha ha ha ha... NO.

on Friday, December 17th, Robert Hahn said

Of course, as a consultant, you can write it off...

Better by far to bill it to the client though... ;)

on Sunday, December 19th, mr.ska said

I could possibly write it off... but I'd still have to pay for it. I have better ways to spend $3500 per month. I'd rather buy a house for 3 months - it would be less than half the cost!

on Tuesday, December 21st, Jerry Han said

Uhhhh, comments directed at me because I had No Frickin' Clue any of this was going on? (8-)

(This is what I get for waiting for you to respond to my email. (8-) )

Well, I'm glad you've got options, and I hope something works out!


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