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12/22/2004: "him and me"

All day I've been on edge when the phone rings, wondering if it's The Call, the one telling me I've been offered the position in Tillsonburg. I had no such call all day, so I left a message with the recruiter handling that position. I asked her to call me back with news, one way or the other, and I finally heard back from her just around 8:30pm tonight. The news is... interesting.

I'm not out of the running, but I only have a 50% shot at it too. That's right, it's now down to myself and one other person for the position. The recruiter got a message (at 6pm she said) from the hiring manager, indicating that they are now choosing between myself and this other unnamed party, and that they would be deciding in the next few days.

Um, excuse me? You said you were deciding TODAY. Next FEW days? Reality check buddy, it's the 22nd of December. A few days it's going to be CHRISTMAS. What, you're going to wait until the 27th and call then? Geez, maybe they're hoping the tension will kill one of us off and make their decision easy.

Well, I'm still in the running. And at this point it's too late for me to do anything else about it. I could send a bottle of scotch, but that would be obvious. It's too late to send a thank-you note for the interview, too (a habit I still need to develop). All I can do is keep planning for Calgary, knowing that the planning needed to take this other job is inconsequential in comparision.

Him and me... him and me... him and me. If there are any prayer warriors out there, I'd humbly ask for some consideration tonight. Thanks.

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on Wednesday, December 22nd, Robert Hahn said

While it may be too late for a thank-you *note*, leaving a message on the phone couldn't hurt. Maybe they're looking for one of you two to distinguish themselves, and are giving you the opportunity to do so. Talk to your recruiter.

Make a point of underscoring why you're the best candidate while leaving that message, too.

And of course, be friendly, and sound confident. Talk and smile at the same time. Remember your P's and Q's. Look both ways before you cross the street: up and down. Never accept candy from strangers, and always, *always* remember to hold the door open for the ladies.

What was my point again? I forget.

But my thoughts are with you tonight. In the meantime, enjoy the Christmas holiday.

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