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12/22/2004: "some mental time off"

It's nearly Christmas, so it seems a crying shame to be spending so much mental energy on what kind of work I'm going to be doing, or where I'm going to be doing it. So tonight, after the kids were asleep, my wife and I sat down in front of the TV, watched A Very Queer Eye Christmas, wrapped presents, and imbibed in some fat-free eggnog and Bacardi Gold.

It's a good thing we forgot about the eggnog for a while, because I put too much Bacardi in there. I'm not even done my first glass and I'm feeling all floppy.

I don't drink all that often, and even when I do I don't go overboard, but the sheer infrequency of my drinking makes me prone to being a cheap drunk. Ever since I've known my wife one beer, cooler, or glass of wine would do her in, but in the past couple of years I've become much less tolerant of my ethanol. Of course, that has benefits, not the least of which is the small mickey of rum my wife got for the eggnog will last us a good number of nights this holiday season.

Going completely off-topic, I got a reply from one of the two companies I e-mailed about computer rentals in Calgary. They responed by e-mail and informed me that they do rent computers short-term. However, it pretty much amounts to highway robbery. They had the audacity to admit that they rent either PIII desktops or laptops for an atrocious $221/mo. Yes, you read that right. They're renting obsolete computers for the monthly payments on a new one, just about. Can you say "obscene"? For the three months or so that I'd be renting, I could BUY a decked-out PII for about one monthly payment. A PIII probably wouldn't be much more. But RENTING a PIII for that price? Puh-lease.

Hopefully the Apple dealer will be more reasonable. Otherwise, I'll be buying a used computer once I get out there.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my eggnog and rum.

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on Thursday, December 23rd, Kevin LeBlanc said

I actually lease my Mac and write off the payments as part of my business. They call it a lease but it's pretty much a rent-to-own.

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