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12/28/2004: "bountiful, but..."

It's been a very generous Christmas. However, I still didn't get what I've really been hoping for.

First, my in-laws went all out and got my wife and I a new digital camera. And by "new" I mean barely out on the market yet new. It's great, and I'm loving using it. Our current 35mm camera will certainly start collecting dust as soon as we blow through all the film we have for it.

As if that wasn't enough, they also decided to buy my wife a new computer for her birthday, and a new printer to go along with the digital camera. So we now have a Photosmart printer, and an Apple Powerbook 15" on the way. Like, wow.

Yesterday we were visiting with the maternal side of my family. In this group, we decided to draw names so everyone would only have to buy for one person, and be able to afford to get them some decent gifts to boot. We also do "stockings" for everyone, filled with little knick-knacks like magazines, food, film, books, little toys, and so on. Due to our current financial position with me being unemployed, we opted otu of both the gift exchange and stockings this year. Well, they stepped up and still gave us some very nice gifts, including stockings. It was extremely generous of them, and I'll admit it was nice to be able to open a stocking along with everyone else.

Not to be greedy, but I still didn't get what I've really wanted - knowledge one way or the other whether I'll be working in Tillsonburg or not. I got a call today, but from my contact in Calgary, telling me that everything's a go, and that I can start as close to the 6th as I can manage. So, I guess sometime today or later this week I'll be booking a flight to Calgary, hoping that I'll be canceling it in a few days.

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