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12/31/2004: "cogito, eggo sum"

I love playing with words. For the longest time, "COGITO, EGGO SUM" was a part of my e-mail signature. Of course, it's really supposed to be "Cogito, ergo sum" which translates to the infamous "I think, therefore I am". My version I translate as "I think, therefore I am a waffle". Alternatively, it could be "I think I am a waffle", which would likely be more appropriate.

It is entirely appropriate for the person in charge of hiring for the position in Tillsonburg.

As you'll remember, that position was supposed to be decided on December 22nd. At that time I was told it was between myself and another person, and they'd decide in "the next few days". Of course, Christmas came first, with no decision. I called the recruiter again for an update, and she got back to me just today with some information. Again, of the indecisive kind.

Apparently the person who is hiring just has NOT been able to make up his mind between the two candidates. So now he wants both of us to take a personality profiling quiz, and then he'll decide either by Monday or Tuesday. (Please note the decisiveness of the dates - again.) Come on, if you really need a personality profile to decide who to hire, do a second round of interviews for crying out loud. A personality profile shouldn't be your deciding factor.

While I was talking to the recruiter I asked if she could suggest to the person that he could hire BOTH candidates. After all, once this selection process is done, they want to hire another person pretty much immediately. Why not take two really good candidates right now? Apparently she had already suggested this, to which he replied, "Yeah, I could do that..." And that's it.

I suppose I shouldn't say that he's waffling... Waffling involves actually making a decision, and then flip-flopping back and forth between that option and another. However, it appears as though he's nearly incapable of making a decision in this case. Perhaps there is really good reason - the other candidate could be equally qualified and talented, with skills and experiences matching mine very closely. From this end, however, it does not instill confidence in the leadership abilities of the person I'd be reporting to.

So stay tuned yet again, ladies and gentlemen. Monday I'll be doing my personality profiling quiz, and later that day or on Tuesday I'll find out one way or the other - hopefully with some sort of actual decision - what's going on.

In the meantime, have a Happy New Year's everyone. I'll be hoping for Tillsonburg, and planning for Calgary. See you on the flip side.

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