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01/04/2005: "fuck"

That's right, fuck. Enough being all optimistic and hopeful and understanding that the hiring process can be long and difficult. Now it's time to purely vent, and to that end, I say, "FUCK".

No news today. Know why? The other candidate apparently wasn't available to take the personality profile until THIS AFTERNOON. Thereby, the hiring manager did not get his profile as of the time I talked to the recruiter, shortly after 4pm today. Hence, likely no decision will be made today. Ergo, I'm put off yet ANOTHER day. FUCK!... Q.E.D.

No response to my e-mail, no apparent promptness from the other candidate, no answers yet again... FUCK. I'd be fine if I simply didn't get it, way back on December 22nd. But no, it has to be drawn out. And now I'm seriously wondering what it would be like to work for this manager... will he ever make a decision? How would he handle a difficult situation? Is he really a vertebrate? One wonders.

Meanwhile, I'm going to start finalizing things for Calgary. I've got accommodations now (furnished, thankfully) and need only pack and book a ticket. At least the Calgarians know what they want, when they want it, and how things are going to happen. The location (and possibility of relocation) may not be ideal for us, but having a solid decision made is worth a helluva lot more than whatever the hell is coming out of Tillsonburg.


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