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01/05/2005: "I want to hold my breath..."

A change of events, and an encouraging one at that!

I got a call from the recruiter today, and there has been one decision made. The hiring manager (in Tillsonburg, of course, for those following along) had received the profiles from both myself and the other candidate. Apparently, they are EXTREMELY close. So he's now approaching the managing director, asking to hire BOTH of us. Be still my beating, anxious, stressed-out, fucked-up heart.

That's all the news there is right now, but it's the best (and only) news I've heard from them. Starting with someone else may immediately dilute my future growth prospects, but no job is no growth prospects, and a job means some, right?

I really want to hold my breath, but I dare not. Instead, I bought a cellphone today, to use in Calgary. Tonight I'll be firming up accommodations, and either tonight or tomorrow I'll book a flight. I've started packing, too, which is going to be the hardest part of all. What do you leave behind if you're going to be gone for 3 months? I don't even know if I'll have a radio or CD player out there... should I pack some music? Strange questions.

In any case, I should hopefully hear more tonight, but now it's down to two scenarios: two people are hired, or not. If the former, I'm waiting on the decision of an individual to approve the budget for said hire. If the latter, I'm back where I was on the 22nd of December, waiting for a decision. Stay tuned.

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