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01/11/2005: "a final decision"

I finally got word back about the job in Tillsonburg today. Over the weekend I had given them many options that would keep me interested in this great career opportunity, but today they came back and said that they will "not negotiate further with me". In a way, it's a relief - I don't have to wonder about the manager's decision making skills, and I don't have to move to Tillsonburg, either.

I had given them four options, on top of or instead of the offer they had given me, that I would have seriously entertained. One was a guaranteed significant raise when I attain professional status. One was the use of a vehicle for personal use. I didn't really expect either of those to fly, but they were options that would have made it work, so I presented them. Another was totally changing the nature of the relationship - I'd be an independent contractor, and would thereby not get benefits or vacation, but would charge more, and be able to write off all my transportation costs as a business expense. I guess they didn't like that idea either.

The last option I gave them I'm surprised they didn't look at more closely. I said I would accept their offer (as poor as it was), if they offered a relocation package. If we can't afford a second car, then we move to where we don't NEED a second car. Tillsonburg is only a few kilometers across, so no matter where I live I'd be able to bike to work, or have my wife drop me off and pick me up as needed. Heck, I could rollerblade too.

We even went so far last night as to look up properties for sale in Tillsonburg to make sure it's a place we wouldn't mind living in. We found some great deals on houses (as compared to the admittedly expensive community we live in right now), and would have been able to get a lot more house - and property - for a lot less than what we could sell for right now. We even checked out Tillsonburg's web site to see what all the town has to offer, and were statisifed that we could make it work.

But for the cost of relocating my family just over an hour down the 401, they declined. So now they're stuck without anyone in the position, having to do another talent search that will likely take another month or so plus their time. Have they really saved anything? I'm guessing not. Oh well. Chalk this one up to... well, something, and move on.

Now I'm going to start researching companies in Ontario that I'd want to work for, and start developing and sending out broadcast letters. They're like cover letters, but instead of applying for a job that's being advertised, I'm simply broadcasting that I'd like to work for the company, why, and how I could contribute. We'll see what happens.

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on Wednesday, January 12th, Jerry said

Damn, I'm sorry to hear that Andrew. Hope something comes along soon....


on Wednesday, January 12th, mr.ska said

Can I interest you in a new car?

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