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01/15/2005: "new interface"

Over the entire course of my lifetime, I have used or had only 5 computers. A VIC 20, a Commodore 64, a generic 386/40, one brand-new Pentium II, and the current used and refurbished PII that I've been using recently. Well, thankfully, all that is now changing. My wife finally received her Apple Powerbook this past week, and now that we've transferred all our data over, it's our primary computer. Woo-hoo!

Of course, this means that I'm no longer as fast getting around as I used to be. We were browsing with Mozilla 1.5 on the PC, and I got seriously addicted to tabbed browsing. (If you haven't tried it, DO IT!) I don't think Safari (the default Mac browser) does tabs, so I'm still trying to figure out how to get around in only one window at a time. I'll get used to it soon enough, or download Firefox and sidestep the learning curve altogether.

Ah, it's nice to have a new computer. And one that's up-to-date, too. While there will be (and is) a learning curve with going to a Mac, it's one I welcome. Bye-bye, PCs!

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on Saturday, January 15th, Kevin LeBlanc said

Safari certainly does do tabbed browsing. Under Safari - Preferences - Tabs, you should be able to enable it.
Just forget all of the ways Windows has trained you to use computers. Pretend it is your very first time using a computer and you'll do just fine.

on Sunday, January 16th, mr.ska said

Exellent. I am going to be (and already am) SO happy with this computer...

Last night my wife and I watched The Terminal in bed. I could get used to watching movies like that.

on Sunday, January 16th, Kevin LeBlanc said

Excellent. Is it a 15 inch?

on Monday, January 17th, mr.ska said

15" with Superdrive, baby!

on Monday, January 17th, Kevin LeBlanc said

Soooooo jealous...

on Tuesday, January 18th, xhead said

Hmmm. Watching movies in bed. Is it a 15 inch? With Superdrive?

:rolleyes: :cool:

on Tuesday, January 18th, mr.ska said

Yes, the computer is also a 15" with Superdrive. Thanks for asking!

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