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01/15/2005: "poor LJ"

I just tried checking out some other blogs that I typically check, like Pete's and Walt Flanagan's Dog's, but found out that LiveJournal has been hit by a massive power failure. Oops.

So while it's a bit lonely being the only one on the planet not using LJ to blog, it's times like this that I get to lightly snicker. It's even more ironic when you know that the good friend of mine that actually set up Greymatter on his webserver for me uses LJ too. Heh.

Hope you all are back up soon!

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on Monday, January 17th, Jerry said

Yeah, laugh at me, Netherton. (8-)


on Monday, January 17th, mr.ska said

It's not a laugh... merely a light chuckle at the irony of it all. Forgive me my pettiness, please... ;)

on Wednesday, January 19th, Walt Flanagan's Dog said

Come to the dark side, All the cool kids are doing it.

LJ is calling you :D

on Monday, January 24th, mr_ska said

Screw that! I've got my templates set up here, and I don't fancy spending the time to figure out another set of templates. Or changing NFT's URL again.

The only thing that might convince me to switch is RSS...

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