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02/17/2005: "404, not found"

Today being Thursday, I'm using the afternoon to do jobsearch stuff, in the hopes that I'll actually find a job that doesn't bore the heck out of me. Today's agenda was simple: deliver a letter to a target company, and come back and write more letters. Sounds pretty simple, right?

I get a shirt and tie on, prepare the letter and resume I'm going to drop off, and head out. The company is located in an industrial strip mall, 3 buildings of about 20 unit each. At the entrance I check the directory, and sure enough the company is listed there. So I go off in search for that unit number.

I find it, but instead of the company name being over the door, it says "Property Management". Uh-oh. I go in, and there's a guy behind a desk. Once he's off his cell phone I tell him I don't think this is the place I'm thinking it should be. I'm right, of course. Turns out the company moved about a year and a half back. While that in itself wouldn't be bad news - company often move when they're growing - the fact that their website still gives that address makes me think that it wasn't a stellar idea to try and find work with this company.

So, I kinda wasted a week. While I won't be able to use the letter I so carefully crafted over the past 7 days, it's good practice nonetheless, and now I'll be sure to phone first and make sure I have the correct information before I zip out the door to deliver more resumes.

The next target is a much bigger company, and I've actually been to their plant. I know they still exist, at least.

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