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03/01/2005: "and all of a sudden..."

This week has already been interesting, and it's barely even started yet. First, I've been swapping e-mails and phone calls with the presidents of two companies, and have two interviews for this week. And just tonight I talked with one of my ex-coworkers at the company in receivership, and it sounds like things are actually in much better shape than I'd been lead to believe. Surprises all around!

To be accurate, one interview is scheduled for this week on Thursday, and the other just happened 5 hours ago. The interview was with the company I'd first sent a broadcast letter to. Late yesterday I got a phone message asking about some information I'd sent them a few weeks ago. The president hadn't seen it yet, despite my having sent it *and* called a week later to confirm he had. In any case he found it, and scheduled an interview for today. It went fairly well, and it turns out they are in fact in a position to hire. At this point I'm going to be given a project to do for them, and we'll go from there. Should be fun.

The next interview in on Thursday. It's with a much smaller company, half located on the West side of the Greater Toronto Area, and the other half located a billion parsecs away in B.C. From the sounds of things, I'd be their only bona fide engineer (replacing one in B.C. that's leaving for different pastures) and responsible for a lot of stuff. That's a good thing, in that there'd be lots to learn (making it interesting) and there would be lots of responsibility, possibly translating into dollar signs. The only wrench in the works would be how I'd make commuting from my current home to work, which would be at least an hour (best case) one-way. It'll have to be a really great opportunity to lure me into Toronto-bound traffic on a daily basis.

As for my former employer that I figured was going to disappear, it now looks like they're going to make it. A company has purchased all of their debt, has been re-evaluating everything, and making changes where necessary. They've invested more than what they could get by liquidation, so that makes me think that they see some sort of future by keeping the doors open and products flowing. I'm going to put my resume back in there, just to see what happens. My boss is kinda nervous and looking for a new job, maybe I can snag his. Otherwise, it would just be nice to get back into that job - it was fun, and rewarding too. With new management, it might be even better.

We'll see what this week holds first.

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