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03/31/2005: "my cup drippeth a little"

Geez, has it really been nearly two weeks since I posted last? I'm going to have to get better at posting, lest I forget everything that's been happening.

Short story: still working on permanent full-time job leads, not much new there, but I've moved on to a new contract that is mostly design work, and much more rewarding.

Remember way back in early February I got an interview at a local manufacturer? Well, that process is still ongoing. Most recently I was brought in to do a design project for them. I had used the software they have before, but was unfamiliar with it, and thus was taking a long time to actually do anything. I opted to take the data home and do it offsite myself, and managed to finish that today. Luckily, the new contract I'm at uses the same CAD software, so I got to practice for a week before tackling my project. I've transferred the file back to them, so the ball's in their court. I'm guessing I'll either get hired at this point, or this lead will go dead. One way or the other, I hope a decision comes soon.

As I mentioned, I'm on a new contract. That's right, my time in the huge, quiet, no-music-allowed office is done. Instead, I'm in a big empty room by myself and I can pretty much do what I want, include listen to music. It's kinda loneley, but still and improvement. (I also got a bit of a raise, which is nice.) The work is design work, so it's much, MUCH more rewarding. So far, me likey very much.

Having said that, the VP of sales of the company that I'm contracting through came to visit me yesterday, with two pieces of interesting news. First, the supervisor at my first contract wants me back as soon as humanly possible. I guess he liked me and my work, and is now itching to get me back. That works out pretty well for my family, as it's a lot closer to home than my current contract. Of course, I still won't be able to listen to music. We'll have to see what happens there. I figure I still have at least a couple of weeks left in my current contract.

The second bit of news is that one of the VP's clients is looking to hire permanent full-time, a local company that I interviewed at many years ago. They aren't in the industry I'd hope to be working in, but they're a stable company (founded in 1962 and still going strong), local, and definitely worth considering. We'll see what happens there.

Meanwhile, I'm getting a bit frustrated with the whole job search. I was doing really well working my half-day Thursdays and then coming home and doing 3 or 4 hours of job searching, but that hasn't happened for the last 3 weeks or so. One week I was picking my wife and kids up from the airport. Another, I worked the full day because of Good Friday (which is unpaid for a contractor like me). Another time... I'm not even sure what was going on, but it feels like months since I've done any prospecting, and that's not good. I'm happy to be employed somewhat gainfully, but at the same time I really do want to find something permanent and start firming up some roots. That isn't going to happen unless I start knocking on doors. I just wish I could find a way to get 40 hours in per week while still leaving myself a decent chunk of 9-5 weekday time for jobsearching. Having a second vehicle would help, but until I find out about that VW Cabrio a second car simply isn't going to fall out of the sky for me.

At least I'm not feeling complacent. I'm uncomfortable, which is good - that'll inspire me to actually DO something. Here's hoping.

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