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04/19/2005: "they love me, just not right now"

I almost long for the days back in January where I had to post twice a day just to keep everyone updated. Those times, while somewhat stressful and confusing, at least kept me alert and thinking. Right now the opposite is happening, despite many possibilities on the horizon.

My second contract ended last week, and at this point there is no new contract to immediately take its place. The company I'm contracting through has informed me that no less than two companies want me, unfortunately both are not ready for me at this point.

The first company is the one where I started this whole contracting thing out, with the big open space with lots of people and no music devices allowed. It's a mixed blessing that they want me back - obviously they're happy with my work and want to keep me busy (and thereby paid), but at the same time the work environment is simply mind-numbingly boring. I'll take it over nothing, but I gotta say that I really, REALLY enjoyed being able to listen to the radio at my last contract.

The other company that wants me (eventually) I have actually worked for before, way back during my first job out of university. The person I was working under then is still there, and would be the person I'd be under again. That will be fun - he's by no stretch of the imagination your average person. I won't even try to describe him, as it's pretty much impossible (unless you squint your eyes and pretend that Big Gay Al works in engineering, but is actually straight). What's more interesting, however, is that this same company has another department that potentially wants me, but in a full-time permanent position. That is exciting. I'd still be going in on contract for the first 3 months, to test the waters so to speak, but it's a damned good start.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on my own contacts, and have made a slight, but significant breakthrough. Finally, after months of e-mails and meeting and doing a project for them, I had a meeting with the president of the local company that I sent a broadcast letter to, and he expressed an interest in bringing me on. There were two big issues, however. First, he believes that I'm overqualified for the tasks that they are needing someone to perform. Um, hello, I'm doing detailing work right now. Anything you have can't really be a step down, OK? Second, they don't want to pay the salary I'm asking. Well, that's fine too, 'cause I'm not making the salary I'm asking doing what I'm doing now either.

What it sounds like might eventually happen is that they will bring me in on a 3-month contract, subject to reviews at 30 and 90 days, and then we'll go from there. The president is still somewhat wishy-washy on the whole affair, and we thus far have not set a start date, nor even fully agreed to whether I'll be on-site, off-site, using one of their computers, or if I have to find one for myself. I'm even starting to mentally prepare myself to simply say "no", as I'm not going to take a job simply because it was offered to me. If it doesn't stack up to where I need to be, or if it's not going to point in the directiion I want my career to go, I'll simply have to take it on the chin and pass. We'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, I've had a fire lit under me about getting into the renewable energy industry. Unfortunately, the two companies I know of locally don't need me at this point (or don't want me), so I'm starting a campaign to pick the brains of any such companies to see who they deal with on a professional basis, and see if any of their suppliers, clients, or strategic partners might have a position that only I can fill. This might also mean that I'll have to seriously consider a move should the right opportunity come up, but I don't think that will too big an issue. I'll cross that bridge if/when I come to it.

In the middle of all this, I've now been off work for 3.5 days. I got both front and rear yards thatched, overseeded, and top dressed, I painted my daughter's new bedroom, I'm slowly finishing off the painting in the hallways, and even got to try out my new 24' extension ladder when I cleaned all the windows and screens the other day. This time off has been good, as I've accomplished a lot around the house that needed to be done. Now I'm ready to earn money again. If nothing comes soon, I might just take my ladder and window cleaning equipment on the road, and see if my neighbours need their windows cleaned.

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