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04/26/2005: "higher learning?"

I've been considering doing something I never thought I'd bother with. Back when I was laid off, my dad opined that I should get an MBA or something, and even offered to finance the whole thing. Well, any Master's degree was that last thing I was considering doing. I briefly looked into it, and let the whole thing die.

Well, tonight I'm going to an information session for a Master's degree. Go figure.

Now, it's not an MBA, and it's not full-time. It's a correspondance degree over three years, and is aimed more at technology and entrepreneurs than a typical MBA, which makes it much more attractive to me. The fact that it's part-time is a bonus, as there is no way I'll be able to scrounge up (or borrow) the $70K that I would need to take a year off of work and pay for the one-year tuition for an MBA program.

Unfortunately, there are some serious doubts about my ability to get into the program. First, my academic standings from my undergrad degree are everything short of stellar. I simply don't meed the minimum requirements, but I've been told by someone involved in the program that such a shortcoming need not be a dealbreaker. The only other stumbling blocks are the letters of reference I would need to get, one of which needs to be from an academic reference. Being a sub-par student, I don't think many of my professors would remember me, let alone 8 years after the fact.

Still, I'm off to the session tonight to see what it's all about, and whether I'm going to put any eggs in that basket, or simply stick with the one degree. Another degree might be nice, but only if it's going to be useful. As a few of my Master's degree-holding friends might tell you, having one doesn't guarantee much other than more initials after your name.

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on Tuesday, April 26th, mr.ska said

I want to do it. Now the question is, will they let me?

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