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04/29/2005: "significant update time"

This week has been pretty significant. Quick summary: more education, and employment.

First, the education. After attending the information session on Tuesday, I've become rather consumed with entering this distance education Master's program. To date I've compiled a summary of relevant business activities, composed a letter of intent, made inquiries about letters of reference, and have even already received agreement from my former boss to provide such a letter to me.

The letter of intent was giving me a bit of hassle, however. I've never had to write such a beast before, and those of you that know me (or have simply read what I've put online for the past 4 years) know that my writing style is rather personal, possibly even flippant at times. This, apparently, does not translate well into a letter of intent.

I sent the letter off to six close, trusted friends for their reactions. Boy, did I get reaction. Three have already responded, and all three have pretty much said the same thing; too negative, too personal. I guess a bit of my academic ego issues manifesting themselves. Well, I'm really, really, REALLY glad I sent it out for people to review. I've already started on version two, and have some good feedback to give me direction.

Now, as if trying to compose a letter of such importance isn't enough to have on my plate, I got an e-mail from the president of the company I've been trying since January to land a job at. It was a very short message ("Come in at 3:30, if you're available."), but the attachment was quite exciting - a contract of employment.

I'm not coming on full-time permanent. The contract is... well, for contract work. I'm an "Independent Consultant" that will be working for them for three months. My work will be up for review after 30 days, and again at the end of the three months, and from there I'll see what options are in front of me. But my foot is in the door, and that's an excellent start. I already have my first task, and it's going to be fun.

The only problem that has arisen is that the office doesn't have shower facilities. Being only 5.5km from where I live, I was really, really hoping that I'd be able to cycle to and from work. However, with the amount of sweat I generate, it would be a disservice to both my skin and my co-workers if I cycled to work and did not have copious quantities of soap and water coursing over me before I share a room with anyone.

In any case, I start Monday. Having now been out of work for just over two weeks, this came at a very good time. Just enough time at home for me to tackle some projects that needed doing, but not so much time as to financially constrain us.

More news as it comes...

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