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06/29/2005: "and the panic starts...."

The game is afoot, and it's winning. One e-mail can really light a fire. First, my Masters program is nearing capacity, and thus admissions are closing next week. This means I have to scramble to get my two other letters of reference in to them. One SHOULD be on its way, but the other I'm going to have to push a little. Item the next, I've also been informed that this program is not eligible for OSAP. That really sucks, as that could have been nearly $20k that I wouldn't have to pull out of my butt (or pay dearly for by taking a bank loan). I still have to confirm that, as there could be one item that is confusing the situation, but it's kind of scary nonetheless.

This could be it. I could know one way or the other inside of a week. Yikes.

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on Wednesday, June 29th, Bob said

Bank loans are annoying. I'd go with the butt option. :)

Keep us posted (as I'm sure you will).

on Thursday, June 30th, Robert Hahn said

I'm surprised you even thought it would be eligible... I thought that was only available for high school grads, not people who come back to school later.

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