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06/30/2005: "half-way, or better"

After I decided that I would no longer work where I am past September 2nd, I gathered up enough time sheets to record my hours until that day, and stapled them all together. Shortly after doing so, I realized that that deadline would mean that I had more time yet to come than time I had already put into the place. Not that much more, but I hadn't reached the halfway point... until today.

Yes, as of today I have worked as many weeks as I have left until my self-appointed departure date. In some ways it's liberating, knowing full well that I have only 44 work days (including 7 half days) remaining until I leave. At the same time, it's already felt like an eternity, and it's not getting much better with time. Nine work weeks can be a long time.

At the same time, I realize that I may be beyond the halfway point. Assuming I get into school, I'll be here until my departure date. However, should I be rejected from the program, or I can't get the funding lined up, or my letters of reference don't come in on time, that means that I could be working somewhere else inside of a week. Perhaps I only have two more weeks left! Right now only one admissions office can tell me whether I'm halfway or beyond.

In either case, the clock is ticking, and my departure will eventually happen. I'll keep my countdown going, and hope that the last nine will be more fun than the first. Worst case, I'll have lots to write about for the next nine weeks, right?

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