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07/01/2005: "Happy Canada Day, all"

Ah, Canada Day. For my family that means getting together with some other relatives, having a nice barbequed dinner, our signature Canada Day strawberry angel food cake jello dessert, and then a nice walk down to the fireworks. This year is no different, except that I had to beat the back lawn into submission this morning before the heat got too oppressive.

On an entirely unrelated note, I have a new favourite commercial. It's a Dairy Queen ad, and features two Indian-origin scientists. The first one is making buzzing noises and exclaims to the other (in a wonderfully Indian accent), "It's incredible, I have learned to speak bee!" I don't know why, but that line alone profoundly tickles my funny bone. The rest of the ad is suitably humourous as well. Now my wife is having to put up with me saying, "It's incredible, I have learned to speak bee!" over and over in my best Indian accent. It's a darned good thing she loves me.

Happy fireworks tonight, everyone!

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on Friday, July 1st, Robert Hahn said

So, do bees have change rooms that do not cook humans too?

on Monday, July 11th, mike said

Hi, sorry your having so much trouble now... be there for your kids if you can.

I found your log looking for comments about the dairy queen commercial, it's the funniest, most lively ad...

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