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07/20/2005: "anybody have an at-cost source?"

I'm still waiting to hear whether or not I get into school for September. If I do, I may need to purchase a wireless-enabled laptop. (Yes, the one my wife has would do very nicely, but it would also mean that she is without a computer for 95% of any given week. Not fair, I think.) Ideally, I'd like to get an Apple laptop of some kind, but if the price is right I'd go for a PC laptop instead.

So - who has friends/relatives/roommates/family members in legitimate places (as opposed to low places) that can get me a deal on a laptop? Anyone know of any places/programs that will apply a discount if it's for educational purposes? What PC laptops are good, and which are to be avoided at all costs?

Oh... and anybody got some spare lottery winnings sitting around, while I'm asking?

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on Thursday, July 21st, Kevin said

Apple does have educational pricing. Not huge though. Maybe a couple hundred bucks at the most. There are links on their website.

on Thursday, July 21st, Robert Hahn said

New iBooks are rumored to be imminent, and will likely have wireless built in. That would be a good choice. Bank on edu discounts for an iBook at being around $50, and be prepared for a wait (if my experience 10 years ago is any indication)

Your best PC alternative is to go to Canada Computers (it's on king north of University, on the west side) Very very nice prices. I got a 1GB stick of RAM there for $144 (normal 'Mac RAM' prices are 2x that).

hey, how did that mazda 5 test out? It looks nice...

on Thursday, July 21st, Kevin said

Robert's bang on. New iBooks should be announced any day. And I just logged into the Edu store with my wife's old college id and the discount was $50 on the lower end and $100 on the higher end (iBooks).

on Friday, July 22nd, mr.ska said

Yeah, I saw the whopping $50 off that Apple is providing. Better than a kick in the teeth, but certainly not the kind of discount I'd have hoped for.

I also saw the rumour about new iBooks coming. My hope is perhaps that will give retailers incentive to put fire sale prices on older iBooks still in stock. (One can hope, right?)

Perhaps I should simply find someone looking to upgrade from their 1-year-old (or less) iBook... time to check out eBay!

on Friday, July 22nd, Robert Hahn said

That is actually a good idea, Ska, checking out used systems.

Also check out Waterloo-based is the 'homepage' for ibooks/pbooks classifieds. Be prepared to haggle. :)

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