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07/23/2005: "this is my cat on drugs"

For the past couple of years, our littlest cat has periodically peed on the carpet. Usually we've chalked it up to poor litter maintenance (which is now being dealt with daily), but after leaving the cats alone for nearly two weeks to go to California, he peed profusely, and has done so even after our return. Knowing that it could be medical condition making him do so, we finally took him to the vet today. Diagnosis - behavioural problem. So starting Monday, he's going on antidepressants. Go figure, huh?

Of course, after dealing with his messes many days running, and not getting enough sleep due to kids running on a time zone 3 hours off of the one I'm on, I was really at the end of my rope with this cat. As cute as he can be, having a cat pissing literally all over the house is something I really can't tolerate all that well. It's been really tempting to consider simply getting rid of him altogether. Not terminally... I don't think I could do that to him, but at least having him leave our household.

However, now that we have a diagnosis, some medication, and some suggestions from our vet, he'll be here a while longer. Some of the suggestions are going to be difficult to manage, however. For example, she suggested that instead just the two litter boxes that we have for the three cats that we get an ADDITIONAL two, for a grand total of four. FOUR litter boxes? Holy jumping tamales, Batman, where the heck am I going to put the other two? Not to mention all the extra tracked litter all over the floor, having to scoop four boxes instead of two... Argh!

Once our cats move pass along, we're getting a dog. At least all you need for a dog is a good supply of plastic bags. Sheesh.

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on Monday, July 25th, Jerry Han said

I didn't know you could put a cat on Prozac. (8-)


on Saturday, July 30th, mr.ska said

Amitriptyline, actually. (shrug)

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