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09/22/2005: "has anyone seen my honk?"

I lost my honk. I've had it as long as I can remember, and I know I had it as recently as a few months ago. I don't know if losing it is a good thing or not, but I just noticed I don't have it anymore. What I'm trying to say is that I no longer sound like an elephant when I blow my nose.

You know how some people are so delicate when they sneeze or blow their nose, making only the tiniest little noises and not even moving enough air to make a candle flicker? That's not me. The candle damn near achieves liftoff when I'm involved. One of the more notable characteristics of me blowing my nose is (was?) the rather loud HONK I produce when doing so. Just to give you an example of what it was like, Isabelle would regularily cover her ears in abject terror if she happened to be in the bathroom with me when I was about to blow my nose.

Just now, however, I was trying to clear my passages, and I realized that it felt like I was lacking some power behind my blow. It then dawned on me that the high-vibration honk that I usually get simply wasn't anywhere to be found. I don't know if losing it means my nasal passages are healthier, or whether something's gone horribly wrong. Perhaps I'm just chronically congested right now, and whatever used to flap in the breeze in there is now securely embedded in some long-term mucous. Only time (or some endoscopy) will tell.

If anyone finds my honk, please put it in a brown paper bag in a dark, cool spot. I'll make arrangements to pick it up later. Thanks.

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on Friday, September 23rd, mr.ska said

Good news! One nostril is honking again. Must've just been congested.

Isn't blogging a real gift? How else would you have ever known about my nose-blowing? :)

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