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09/28/2005: "is this thing on?"

After everything from gentle prodding, helpful hinting, and outright demands from at least two regular readers (the vocal ones), I have finally managed to do my part to get an RSS feed for Not From Toronto. "My part" consisted of e-mailing my friend that hosts and asking him for an RSS feed. He happened to have the time, and lo and behold, I am pleased to present the Not From Toronto RSS Feed!

So now instead of bugging me for an RSS feed you can bug me for not having posted for so long instead. Progress!

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on Thursday, September 29th, xhead said


on Thursday, September 29th, mike said

Um... you should probably put a link in your template now.

on Friday, September 30th, mr.ska said

Ah, good point. I need to do some template work anyways... now I have a pressing need to do so!

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