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10/03/2005: "OK, so... um... yeah."

Hot damn! My days of contracting are over, I'm not just working but working for myself, my backers are not only happy to have be on board but are long-time family friends, and I'll get to do business with my dad to boot! Ain't life grand? Now, if I could only get some minor details worked out... like what I'm supposed to do tomorrow. Hmm...

This weekend I did something that I damned-near-close-to-never do; make work-related phone calls on both Saturday and Sunday. No, I wasn't following up a sales lead or tracking an order, or even phoning in my expenses. No, I was trying to reach John, the person that I would consider my boss at this point, to ask him where he wanted me today. Both he and Bob are tricky to get in touch with, so despite my attempts late last week and through the weekend, I never did talk to either of them. Thus, this morning rolled around and I had no direction.

That's fine, I kind of expected a slow start. Both John and Bob have many fish to fry, mine being only the newest of many they have in the pan, each. I also didn't fully expect that the engineering work they have for me to do is ready for me yet, as it relies on receiving a large amount of information from a 2nd party, who in turn is receiving information from a 3rd party.

So, while I wait for that to happen I can get started on my sales engineering, right? Well... First I have to better understand both the industry I'm going to be selling in to, as well as the products I'll be selling. That will take a while, and may not be something I can do completely on my own. I'll take my best crack at it of course, but there's only so much one can do without some direction. Not only that, even if I wanted to try to sell something, or even get myself a subscription or two to some industry publications, I don't have anything more than my name and my home address to go on. Thus far there is no company name for me to use (that I've been told of, anyways), no word on whether I'll have a company e-mail address, or a title (important when you're going after free trade publications), fax number, etc., etc.

In short, I'm floundering right now. But I'm trying my very best to flounder in as productive a way as is possible.

I'll try calling again today, and yet again tomorrow, and so on and so forth. I have a plan of action for getting some answers from someone, one way or another, so hopefully that will bear fruit. Meanwhile, I'm a lump of clay waiting for the potter to return my call.

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on Monday, October 3rd, Jerry said

Good luck!

On a different note, this syndicated just fine into LJ. (8-)


on Tuesday, October 4th, mr.ska said

Horray, syndication! Now if I only had something better to write than "nothing's going on... yet". Sigh.

on Tuesday, October 4th, Steve said

Yep, works fine - nice feed! BTW, if you didn't know, I'm part of the LJ horde now - look for me at derelict52.

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