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10/11/2005: "a lovely twilight"

I think I came up with a new drink. I wasn't looking to come up with a new alcoholic wonder, but kind of accidentally happened into it. I was looking for a drink that was refreshing, based on club soda, but had more flavour and excitement than the typical juice-and-club-soda drink that I'd normally try. While it is extremely good as it stands right now, I feel the need to test some vodka in it before I truly finalize the recipe.

The recipe calls for approximately half an ounce each of grenadine and Blue Curaçao, and one can of club soda. This results in a light, fruity, fragrant drink that is tasty, refreshing, and only slightly intoxicating. It's a wonderful dark purple when held up to the light, from which I have christened it "Two Oceans Twilight".

Why "Two Oceans"? Well, from what I've been able to find, there is no one area/country/region that grows both pomegranates (grenadine is pomegranate concentrate, FYI) and oranges (Blue Curaçao is an orange bitters liqueur). Pomegranates are native to the drier parts of Southeast Asia, and have been grown all across the Middle East, the Mediterranian, and many parts of the United States. As for Blue Curaçao The Webtender says, "Curaçao is a general term for orange-flavored liqueur made from the dried peel of bitter oranges found on the Caribbean island of Curaçao." So, you've got the Indian Ocean, and the Caribbean Ocean. Two Oceans Twilight.

I suppose I *could* have just called it a Caribbean Twilight, as it's likely that pomegranates are also grown in that region. However, just about every fruity drink is a "tropical" this or a "Caribbean" that. Borrrr-ring.

The drink is very good as it stands, and I'd be tempted to leave it just as it. However, I can't help but wonder what it would taste like if I added a half ounce or full ounce of vodka to the whole mix. It wouldn't add any competing flavours, but would give it a bit of a kick to it. Right now it's entirely too easy to chug the whole drink, that's how refreshing it is. So once I actually bother to get more vodka (I'm out of grenadine too, so I really do need to go shopping to make more) I'll figure out if adding vodka improves the drink any, and finalize the recipe.

Meanwhile, I have to get some more grenadine and club soda. I'm feeling thirsty.

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