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11/08/2005: "breakthrough!"

Things have been relatively busy on the job front, but there hasn't been anything so asounding that I've been simply twitching to sit down and write about it. I did get down to Windsor last week to pick up a company car, visit a tool shop in Detroit, and visit yet another tool shop in Windsor, but not much to write home about.

Over the past few weeks the idea of renaming the company has been brought up. I am fully in favour for it, and have pushed for it whenever possible. After talking to Bob yesterday, it seems that he too has finally seen the light, and the company is finally going to be renamed. Hallelujah!

A bit of background on the company itself. Bob didn't go looking to buy this company, it seems. He loaned some money to the previous owner, and by default (of the loan) became majority owner. Under the previous owner, the company got a rightfully lousy reputation. Now the minority shareholder has been turfed, and everything is under new management. But that reputation is still there...

Additionally, we're going to be vastly expanding the product and services offered through the company. We're going to have the products that we've always produced, will be getting more product lines through private brand offerings, will be distributing yet other products as exclusive Canadian distributors, and will be private branding a couple services as well. If the crappy reputation that goes along with the current name wasn't reason enough to change, a vastly improved product and service lineup should be.

What's more, each of the three major players (operations manager, production manager, and engineer) are all in favour of a name change. Sounds to me like it should have been a fait accompli a long time ago.

In any case, Bob's now come around, and the name WILL be changed. I, for one, couldn't be happier. I'll be even more tickled if he picks the name that I've been championing. It doesn't really matter one way or the other, just so long as I get business cards pronto.

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