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11/15/2005: "Timmie's, USA"

This has been a busy week thus far. Monday I was in St. Catharines, and finished up the day in Windsor. Today I took a trip into Ohio with John and Bob, which took us a grand total of 12 hours round trip. Gruelling, especially when we only ate lunch at 4pm. Tomorrow, I have training here in Windsor, and then I'm off back home.

On today's trip I got to do something I didn't think I'd do. We stopped at Tim Horton's in Ohio.

Other than paying for a bagel in US dollars, it wasn't any different than any other Tim's experience. The slight Ohio twang in the cashier's voice was unusual. So why am I bothering to mention it? Because I haven't posted in nearly a week, and I can't discuss the business that went on in Ohio, and describing how we got lost both coming and going isn't exactly riveting. OK, maybe I should have stayed quiet.

What else can I say? Business is shaping up, but there is lots of work to be done yet. Right now the company is in the process of de-unionizing, and hopefully the new name will be chosen sooner than later. Until the new name happens, I'm stuck with makeshift business cards, which I suppose is better than having absolutely none. It's hard to get enthusiastic about building a clientelle when you don't have the proper tools to get the job done. I'm learning a lot about cutting tools, but that's only one step in the whole process.

Things are progressing, I have to keep that in mind. I won't be getting the big orders quickly, it's going to take time. Always time.

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