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12/13/2005: "kibble, take one"

As Jannette and the kids are away, I have broad discretion as to what I do with my time. I should try to use my time wisely and clean the house and pick away at my honey-do list, but tonight I've just had to ignore that. Today, after I did some banking at the grocery store, I picked up a few items, and spent 30 minutes earlier tonight mixing them with the other ingredients I already had in the house. As I type this, my first batch of sweet kibble is in the oven.

Oh, that's right, I haven't blogged about this yet. I'm developing human kibble. I'm going to start with two flavours, sweet and savoury. Right now I have a batch of sweet in the oven. I don't know if it will actually finish baking tonight, I'll probably have to dry it at a lower temperature tomorrow as well. In any case, I'll be taste-testing batch one sometime tomorrow.

Actually, I've already had a preliminary taste. I wasn't sure how sweet the combination of tomato paste, sweet potato, and date would turn out, but I'm quite pleased actually. Of course at this point it's only baked and not actually dry, that will come tomorrow. But the taste likely won't change all that much, which is good.

I know, I know... you think I'm totally off my rocker, right? First an exercise machine worth a small car. Then a gym full of them for rich folks with no time. Now bodyweight training. Human kibble? Why the hell not?

If this batch goes well, I'm going to make a much bigger batch after Christmas and start doing some market research with it. I still have to develop a savoury formulation, but that will just take a few hours of playing around with ingredients in the formulation spreadsheet I've created.

OK, if you really want to believe I'm nuts, go right ahead. I'll just say that I've taken inspiration from Scott Adams and my cats, and from what informal market research I've done I think I have a winner here. We'll see what transpires.

If anyone wants a sample mailed to them sometime next year, leave a comment and an e-mail address so I can find out where to ship it.

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on Tuesday, January 10th, Dirk said

Great minds think alike!

I haven't got around to test batches yet. I'll have to wait until my wife visits her parents sometime. :D

I've been thinking of it as a meal replacement during dieting, to take all the choice out of the process of eating. With that in mind, why have two flavours, when you could combine both sweet and savory in one, like a Moroccan tangine?

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