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12/27/2005: "and now, the down side"

I need a new cordless phone. Not that I'm upset about that, as the one we have is a refurb, and the LCD display hasn't worked in nearly a year. Still, it's kind of a pain that it's now useless when my wi-fi hub is powered up. Yes, a 2.4 GHz phone inexplicably experiences intense interference when a 2.4 GHz wi-fi hub is sitting right next to it. Who'da thunk it?

No, I haven't tried moving the hub - or the phone. I could try that, I suppose. Still, it's a good excuse to get a 5.8 GHz multi-handset phone. After all, that would solve two problems at once; the interference, and getting a phone for the basement (once it's finished). Right now we just turn the wi-fi off when we're not using it, and that works. It's a small price to pay to be able to post from my couch.

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on Friday, December 30th, Robert Hahn said

so, um, have you tried setting up the 802.1 network on one of the other 11 channels to see if that might fix the problem?

on Monday, January 2nd, mr.ska said

Huh? (Read: this was totally plug-and-play, no mention of these "channels" you speak of. Tell me more!)

on Friday, January 6th, Robert Hahn said

You have to find out how to log into the router. In there, you can set what channel to broadcast on. the Mac will 'channel surf' and detect the network automatically.

I can't be more specific b/c the details are specific to the router you bought, which I know nothing about.

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