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01/02/2006: "family vacation 2006"

Happy New Year, everyone! Our week of Christmas is finally over (grand total of 5 separate gift exchange events, plus lots of driving) and we can get on with the task of reclaiming the house from the holiday madness and settling in for a South-West Ontairo winter. Ugh.

There is a bright spot on the horizon, however. My dad and stepmother decided a few years ago that instead of giving gifts to the 4 boys that they would instead take us all on a family vacation each year. First was Mexico, last year was Florida, and now this year, Las Vegas! While figuring out what to do with two kids in Sin City ought to be interesting, we're going to make an effort to plan our activities well in advance to make sure our vacation doesn't amount to sitting in a different house in a different city and not doing anything in particular.

Any suggestions as to what to see in Vegas, lemme know! I know I want to see the Belagio fountain display, and either Zumanity or O (depending on the price of tickets), but otherwise suggestions would be welcome!

New Year's Resolution for 2006: No more chocolate bars for me. Those will be the next victim in my ongoing elimination of purely recreational foods.

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on Monday, January 2nd, Robert Hahn said

I haven't been to Vegas, but I've heard of two shows you might want to catch. One is "The Star Trek Experience", I think it's called. The other is Celine Dion, that is, if you like listening to her. I have no idea how kid friendly those are, but those are the two events I heard are in Vegas.

on Monday, January 2nd, Jerry said

Have fun in Las Vegas! When are you heading out?


on Tuesday, January 3rd, mr.ska said

Trek? I'll look into it. Celine? Not so keen on her. I'd rather spend less and see O. I simply assume we'd bring the kids to neither.

We head out mid-May. I haven't found any freaky conventions scheduled for that time (no midgets or Furries or anything like that) so we'll probably stick to the regular shows.

on Monday, January 16th, meegs said

I've heard not to bother with zumanity, although O's supposed to be quite good....

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