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01/04/2006: "I'm the piano man"

I'm not going to sing you a song, but I'm now the piano man. My mother is very good at saving things (like the stove she kept for over 10 years) to the benefit of my brother or I. She finally ditched the stove a couple of years ago, and as of today finally bestowed one of her larger treasures unto my family. Yes, I am now the proud owner of an upright piano.

It's already nicely at home in a corner of our living room (displacing what used to be a very distressingly cluttered computer desk), just begging to be played. While it's not even up to room temperature yet, it sounds fairly well in tune, considering how long ago it was likely last used to its potential. It would be perfect for some silent movie accompaniment or maybe some Scott Joplin, but as it'll just be the plaything of a 4 year old and an 18 month old, fine tuning is largely irrelevant right now. Some day it will be tuned, just not likely in 2006.

Anyone who would care to come over and do this family heirloom justice, please do so!

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