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01/19/2006: "ire of a Green Party supporter"

I am supporting the Green Party in this election, as I did last time around. While I know the Greens hardly have a huge amount of support, I am starting to get really, REALLY pissed off at the people who simply dismiss the Greens as too idealistic, or even worse the people that are politely condescending to me in light of my support for the Party. One person has even gone so far as to compare the Greens to the Natural Law Party on the basis of the sincerity of their beliefs!

Well, Jimminy Fucking Cricket, I've had enough. If you don't want to support the Green Party, that's fine, I can live with that. However, do not dismiss them as an idealist party (they are/have been in government in Europe, thank you), pish-tosh them based on the negligible media coverage they get, or pat me on the head saying, "Good for you! Chase your dreams!" If you don't know about the party, visit their website. Have a policy question? Have a read through their 2006 Platform. Don't care enough to do either? Fine - you leave my "idealism" alone and I'll do likewise for your disinterest exploring all your choices amongst federal parties.

OK, it's Thursday afternoon. Four and a half days until it's all over. Let's draw the line at the above paragraph, call a ceasefire, and just get this election over with. Then we can bicker about who got elected and who didn't and hopefully continue this discussion in less frenzied terms over the next four years.

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on Thursday, January 19th, Boose said

Geez, already, I apologized for that over on my blog! It was a misfired, misinterpreted round that went awry with unintended consequences, and I abase myself with all humility and apologize sincerely for the insult that was not purposefully levied by delivered anyway.

Now, on to Monday!

on Thursday, January 19th, mr.ska said

Yes, I saw that, thank you. Hopefully you'll soon see the newest entry that accepts that apology and offers my own.

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