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05/15/2006: "I rock, and so do Macs"

Greetings from Vegas! We're all here and settled in somewhat, and having fun. I've had a swim, a couple of drinks, a barbequed dinner... life is good.

Three of us brought laptops because this place was advertised with high speed internet. Unfortunately, it's not wireless, it's ethernet-based. So we hooked up one of the two Apples that came with us (an iBook) and left it at that. I decided that I would get the other computers sharing its network connection (without ever having done this before). After about 5 minutes of fiddling, it's working, and one other Apple and a Toshiba are now sharing the iBook's high-speed connection. I ROCK! And so do Macs, because it's the Mac that really made it possible. I can only imagine it would have taken hours if I tried to do the same with a Windows computer.

We're having fun thus far, and I'll try to update again later. I'm still hoping for a newer restore of, but we'll see what happens. Later!

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on Monday, May 15th, roberthahn said

ya mon, you RAWK, mon. you, sir, RAWK!!!1!!!eleventyone!!1!!

...and so does Apple

so are you finding family-oriented things to do there?

on Tuesday, May 16th, mr.ska said

So far we've only done the one day on The Strip, and the kids were pretty entertained - we did the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef. HIGHLY recommended. There's other things to do, so we'll see how much the kids like things. It's obvious that it's much more adult-oriented here, however.

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