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06/18/2006: "browncoat, and "ow""

Jannette and I have been watching an episode of Firefly (or two) just about every night since we started watching. She's enjoying it, but still not quite sure about it. I just love it, and will be very sad when I've gone through all the episodes and the movie and have nothing else of it to watch. Maybe I'll have to pick up the comic book. Seriously, if you like Star Trek and other space-based sci fi series, check out Firefly. It's now available for purchase at iTunes (you have to go to the US site, not the Canadian one) for $1.99 apiece.

In other news, we have sharp kitchen knifes. Well, at least two of them are sharp. How do I know this?

A couple of weeks ago I was making fruit salad and accidently sliced into my pinky finger while chopping an apple. Luckily, it wasn't deep, so I simply bandaged it and it healed nicely.

Yesterday, I was cutting green beans for bean salad (there's a salad theme here) and somehow took off the tip of my left thumb. I didn't get down to the meat, but I did take a flap of skin clean off. Again, nothing I needed to go for stitches for, but it did bleed a fair amount. It's much less tender today, and is already starting to look better.

On one hand, I'm glad I was taught how to keep knives sharp. On the other, I have to wonder why I've suddenly cut myself twice inside of a month's time when I have never done so before. Maybe it's time to ask for a Salad Shooter for Christmas.

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