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07/13/2006: "bye-bye project car, hello computer refund!"

Despite being at work with just about zero work to do, it's been a good afternoon. Two issues have resolved very easily and very quickly.

First, I contacted the person I bought my computer from and explained what was going on. I'm very proud of myself, I sayed calm and polite, and it paid off. Just like that, he's offered a partial (buy majority) refund on my purchase, AND I'm allowed to keep the computer. Wow - what a quality, upstanding guy. Turns out the computer was given to him, and he sold it as it was (or at least, that's the story). He didn't mean to sell a lurking problem. The original transaction went really smooth, for which I gave him excellent feedback. Now my estimation of him is just that much more.

Of course, I still have a broken computer. But I'll pick it up tonight after work, and on the way home pick up my firewire hard drive enclosure as well, so hopefully by later tonight I'll have a working-ish computer again, or at least be able to access my files.

On another front, the VW Cabrio has been sold. It's finally out of my hair, and I won't have to pay for storage anymore. I'm only getting $300 out of the deal, which if you consider the storage costs I've incurred, isn't really all that much at all. I'm ahead, but barely. At least I no longer have to worry about it, and I can get on with finishing the basement and figuring out how to get us out of the Elantra and into a Mazda5. Plus, maybe I'll do some bike shopping.

As for work - it's weird. They STILL don't have internal authorization for me to do the work I was brought here to do, AND the filler work I'm doing is being plauged by the same problems. There is a rumour (from the company I contract through) that all contractors are being booted out soon, but I've heard none of that. Time will tell, I guess. At least I have my basement and Gerald's to keep me busy, if that's the case.

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on Thursday, July 20th, happykat said

Hmmm...any chance you still have my plates?

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