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08/31/2006: "on the wane"

There is only one problem being blessed with the amount of enthusiasm I can generate about any given situation. That would be when expectations aren't met, and I get to ride down the emotion coaster towards disappointment.

You can see where I'm going with this, can't you? Or, more accurately, where I've gone?

At this point the last contact I had with the recruiter was Monday, when he simply told me he'd be in contact once he heard something. Thus far, nothing else. With no further inputs to fuel my raging excitement, it's burned down rather quickly. I peaked, have almost finished coming down, and am getting back to my usual plateau. If at any point he'd call me and have a phone interview arranged for me, I'd be right back up to speed, more eager than ever. Failing that, I'm starting to put energy into other projects.

One such project I've already started is a renewed job search. I've learned that it was a lack of career progression that was bumming me out about my previous jobs (well, that and getting laid off and having a huge unemployment spell). It wasn't the industry, not even the position, but the lack of opportunities to grow and learn in said positions. I take that to mean that if I can find a position that capitalizes on my experience and gives me the chance to learn and grow professionally, I'll probably be quite happy there. Thus, I'm starting to see what companies (all across Canada) might fit with my experience, and start developing a list of target companies to hit. Of course, deciding to stick to the most recent plan of temporary work then school will be the default position.

Ah well... it was a fun ride while it lasted.

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