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09/21/2006: "the deal is made, no date set"

GLEE! After pondering how to justify heading out to Vancouver to play plumber for a day or so, I hit upon a proposal for Gerald: I'll do it, but first I have to practice - on my house. He supplies the materials, including the DWHR unit, I install it, and consider myself practiced enough to duplicate my efforts. He gave me the conditional go-ahead. Woo!

So at this point the likelyhood is very strong indeed that I will get out to Vancouver within the month. This also means that before I leave I'll be recovering the heat in my drain water every time I shower, and will know how to install a unit. Oh, what fun!

I've already been in contact with the good folks at Windsong, and thus far have one offer for accommodation and breakfast for a reasonable price. Once I get a firm travel date, I'll be able to determine whether they can provide space for me.

Right now I'm going to have to have a chat with Gerald, in order to get my "practice" installation happening, and to nail down travel dates. Until then, this is all just a possibility, albeit a very strong one.

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on Thursday, September 21st, xhead said

Just wondering, does the company have data on whether recovering heat from waste water have a negative impact on the efficiency of septic systems in cold weather?

That was the reaction I got when I mentioned this idea to a friend who had his own septic tank and percolation field - he said you'd need that heat to keep the reactions going over the winter.

No doubt it's a good idea for those on municipal sewage systems.

on Thursday, September 21st, roberthahn said

What is the conditional go-ahead? oh: and is Gerald going to ship the tools you'll need with the DWHR?

jus' wondering. I think JGH's comment w.r.t. Suzuki travelling when you show up might be something to consider too...

on Thursday, September 21st, mr.ska said

Hmm... one would have to talk to a septic expert about that. I'll pose the question and let you know the response.

The condition is final approval by Gerald, what his reasons might be I won't speculate. And yes, I will be bringing all the tools, and many of the materials I need with me.

Regardless of whether Dr. Suzuki will be there, I'm going to go. It would be VERY cool to meet him, but at the same time, the work I'll be doing necessitates turning the water off in the house. I wouldn't be surprised if the house was mostly vacant while I work. It would still be an experience.

on Thursday, September 21st, Jerry said

Good luck!

BTW, any problems with the posting system?


on Friday, September 22nd, Jerry said

Doh! I meant, the commenting system. (8-)


on Friday, September 22nd, mr.ska said

No, comments are working well, and I've seen no comment spam since your latest changes. Thanks!

on Friday, September 22nd, roberthahn said


do those icons work now? Let's see...

on Friday, September 22nd, roberthahn said

Could we like increase the # posts per day per person by one? I wanted to add that there' a bug - when you preview a post, then try to post from there you get an error.

on Friday, September 22nd, mr.ska said

You know, I really couldn't care less if the smileys EVER work. In fact, if they disappear I'd be happy.

Lemme get this straight... you're telling me to post once more everyday? Like, post at least once a day then? Bah. I'll post when there's something to talk about. Otherwise, I'm just contributing to RSS fatigue.

on Monday, September 25th, roberthahn said

no, i'm asking to be allowed to post more than one comment per day/time-segment.

The preview bug should be looked at tho.

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