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09/28/2006: "*poof*"

I knew nothing was certain until I actually had a plane ticket in my hand, but now it's pretty certain that I will NOT be going to Vancouver. Word is that Gerald's rep out West has things under control and in the works, so I am no longer needed as a stop-gap get-it-done-now solution. Sigh.

So now my mental energy can go where it's needed - finding work. More than two weeks going, and I still don't have a new contract on the go. The automotive industry (or at least, those that supply the auto industry with machines) is very slow right now. It could be an ugly month or two.

As usual, we'll just have to see what happens...

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on Friday, September 29th, John Orchard said

I just saw your post and don't know much else other than you are looking for work, a contract for that matter. I'm hoping that you are a software devleoper and open to work in the Seattle, WA area. If you are both, please give me a call at 425-372-1009. Oh yeah, my name is John Orchard and I'm a technical recruiter working for TEKsystems. Otherwise, good luck in your search

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