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10/03/2006: "I don't like shopping, but I do like a good sale"

Yesterday was our anniversary - seven years now! Yes, it's time for the seven year itch (if you believe that kind of stuff). We celebrated in a very low-key manner, having our favourite meal for supper; breakfast! Fruit salad, pancakes, and breakfast sausage. Mmmm. It's a meal everyone enjoys!

As for an anniversary present, what we've been doing over the past few years is instead of buying a present for each other, we buy a present for ourselves. We did that unexpectedly on Friday when we found a really good sale... on a minivan.

After picking me up from work the four of us headed over to our local Mazda dealer to check out one of the Mazda5s that Jannette's been eyeing. It's a light misty green colour (Mazda calls it "stellar silver" for some reason) that Jannette's really keen on, and as it's been there for a number of months we know it's a 2006. As it's a 2006 and the model year has just changed, we figured there might be some savings to be had. Sure enough, there was!

Now, we had been hoping for air conditioning, but the reason this particular model was still sitting on the lot was that it was (accidently) ordered without air. Otherwise, it's exactly what we want; a GT with manual transmission. As it's been sitting so long and is a 2006, the price was very attractive - they were asking just about cost! So after going in thinking we were just going to come away with some figures to play with, we came away having left a deposit instead.

So now we get to play catch-up. Today my job is to get the Elantra detailed (inside and out), and get it to the AutoTrader. I also have to call to figure out the details of either transfering the lease or having a 3rd party buy it out. (We're going to offer it both for sale and as a lease take-over. We just want to get it to its new home, we don't really care about making any money off it.) I'll also be posting it on CraigsList, which should hopefully provide more eyes and a longer description too.

If anyone's looking for a late-model vehicle that's good on gas, holds a lot, can tow a surprising amount, and is decked out (leather, air, 6-speaker CD, sunroof/moonroof, fog lights, tinted windows) drop me a line!

With luck, it won't take too long to find a new home for the car, and then we can get about to enjoying our 4-cylinder 5-speed 6-seater minivan. So far as minivans go, it's exactly what we need, with the 5-speed being the icing on the cake.

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on Tuesday, October 3rd, roberthahn said

so, what do you do when you detail a car anyway? I never found out what that meant...

on Tuesday, October 3rd, mr.ska said

"Detailing" is the term to describe thoroughly cleaning a car. Of course, there are many levels of detailing, but for the hundred bucks I spent today the exterior got washed, chamoised, waxed and polished, the tires were treated, the wheel wells were cleaned, the door jambs were wiped, and the interior was treated to a full vacuuming, shampooing, and cleaning, inlcuding all the dash and console bits and pieces. In other words, it's cleaner than I've ever seen it in nearly 3 years.

on Wednesday, October 4th, happykat said

I have to say I *never* would have expected this move from you guys at this time.


on Wednesday, October 4th, mr.ska said

Well, we HAVE to do something before next summer when our lease expires. Either way, a new (-to-us) vehicle was in the works before I head back to school.

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